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Weight Loss Guide; Strategies For Proper Dieting And Weight Loss


Have you tried one Strategy for weight loss & dieting properly after with little if any success? Well, you are not alone. Losing weight and sticking to a proper diet to keep off unwanted weight is no easy task for most of us, what with our busy work schedules that barely leave any time to prepare healthy meals and a million diet plans that are not only unreasonable but barely work to deliver the desired results. This does not however mean that getting to your desired weight is impossible and that you should give up on proper dieting and your quest to lose weight altogether. By employing the right strategies where dieting and weight loss is concerned, you can achieve your desired results and enjoy the numerous health benefits that come with a healthy weight and a proper diet.

Weight loss Basics

Getting to a healthy weight and maintaining that weight is pretty simple. You just have to ensure that you consume less calories than you burn in daily and be consistent with this regime. A task as simple as cutting 500 calories from your daily diet will start you off on the right path in your weight loss journey and ensure that you get to your desired weight without breaking a sweat or making drastic changes in your lifestyle.

Sounds simple enough? Well, while the basics are pretty straightforward, knowing what to eliminate from your diet in order to reduce your caloric intake everyday and being consistent to your proper diet is is where most people lose focus and end up not achieving their goals no matter how hard they try. So how can you reduce your calories intake everyday, burn more calories than you ingest and be in a position to do this day in day out? Below are tried strategies that make all these possible ensuring that weight loss and healthy dieting is not only achievable but effective in delivering the desired results.

1. Keep off diets that promise to deliver results overnight

Most people who want to lose weight look for quick fix solutions to get them to the weigh that they desire. The market is awash with these quick solutions that promise to deliver the desired results overnight. The truth however is that there are no short cuts where weight loss is concerned and these quick fix diets cause more harm that good.

Some of the diets that you should keep off include;
- Diets that involve eliminating an entire food group from your diet. Such diets will in most cases advocate for elimination of either carbohydrates or fats. These diets are both impractical and unhealthy.
– Diets that greatly restrict your food intake. While you might think that starving yourself will help you lose weight, the effects are actually the opposite and apart from slowing your metabolism, you cannot keep up with such a diet for long. This only means that you will not be able to keep off even the little weight that you initially lose.
– Expensive diets that come with special programs full of impractical solutions and unrealistic expectations. Such diets will create quite a dent in your wallet and you can be guaranteed that most of them rarely offer long term solutions so you will have to keep on going from one diet to another with minimal if any success. A proper diet will involve taking up most of the available foods but in moderation.

healthy meals

2. Make your own meals

Most of us think that making our meals is quite an inconvenience and we are happy to grab the numerous ready foods options at our disposal. Most of these foods are however packed with calories and you can barely tell all the ingredients that went in to making a given meal. Make an effort to make your own meals and will be surprised just how much this will have a positive effect on your weight loss program.

Making your own food will require some effort and planning on your side to ensure that you get adequate time to make your meals and have healthy supplies at any given time. Pack some healthy food to take on the go so that you will have no excuse to buy some unhealthy bite when you are away from home.

fruits and veggies for weight loss

3. Incorporate more fruits, vegetables, fiber rich foods and water in your diet

It is a fact that to lose weight you have to eat fewer calories. This however does not mean that you have to eat less food and have to cope with unending hunger pangs that will in most cases lead you to reach out and grab just anything you can find to take care of your hunger. You can fill up on fruits and vegetables that are not only beneficial to your health but also contain few calories when compared to other food types. Most fruits and vegetables mostly constitutes of water and an array of beneficial nutrients that are paramount for optimum health. Because of the high water content, it is almost impossible to overeat fruits and vegetables and consume any considerable amount of calories in one seating.

Foods that are rich in fiber also ideal. Such foods are higher in volume and taking them will leave you full and less likely to go for other foods. Fiber rich foods also take much longer to be digested meaning that you will be feeling fuller for longer. Some of readily available fiber rich foods include;

– Whole grains such as brown rice, high fiber cereals, wholemeal bread, oatmeal and wholemeal pasta
– Pulses such as lentils, chickpeas, black beans and split peas
Fruits and vegetables can either be enjoyed raw or steamed while whole grains and pulses can either be enjoyed on their own or incorporated into healthy soups and salads.
Water is another component that you cannot ignore where weight loss is concerned. The body is 70% water and water is required for the different cells in the body to function optimally. Ensure that you take the recommended minimum of 8 glasses of water in day. This will ensure that your body is functioning at its optimal level and in the process burning as many calories as possible.

Include Health Supplements in Your Diet

There is a lot of buzz about using supplements to help you achieve your weight loss goals but finding a supplement that is effective and wouldn’t compromise your health is a difficult task. However, the recommendations that we have on our website are proven to work. One of the supplements that we recommend is garcinia cambogia. For full benefits we recommend garcinia cambogia and colon cleanse combination. Read our detailed post to learn more.

4. Take charge of your eating habits

Most of the unwanted weight that we gain in most cases results from poor eating habits. Taking charge of your habits will mean that you will have to eliminate these poor habits that lead weight gain. Some of the common habits to look out for include;
- Skipping certain meals. Skipping meals may lower your metabolism and greatly reduce the number of calories used up by the body at any given time.

- Taking meals late in the night. Late night eating and snacking causes weight gain since you are more likely to be less active at night that early in the morning or during the day. This means that most of the calories that you take at night will not be used up since you will be less active at this time and will be converted and stored up as fats.

– Gulping your food as you concentrate on other things. This will most often mean that you will overeat as you will not be paying attention to just how much food you will be putting in your mouth.

Some of the eating habits that you can embrace include;
- Serving yourself smaller portions. Make use of small bowls, plates and cups when serving as this will make your portions look large and trick the body into thinking that you have taken more food.
– Eat early and ensure that you just take smaller portions as the day progresses. Take a large healthy breakfast to jump start your metabolism and a much smaller portion as you retire at the end of the day.

exercise regime

5. Incorporate a simple and easy to follow exercise regime into your lifestyle

Regular exercise is an integral part of any weight loss and dieting regime. Exercise increases your metabolism hence lead to a higher calories uptake that when the body is at rest. You will also gain muscles through regular exercise and this will further increases the rate at which the body burns ingested calories and fat deposited in different parts of the body.
To ensure that you will be able to maintain your exercise regime opt for simple exercise that does not require any guidance from a professional. Anything from 30 minutes jog around your estate or a relaxing swim at the end of a tiring day will work to help you burn more calories and consequently loose all unwanted weight. The secret is to be consistent and keep it simple.

6. Put a stop to emotional eating

Even the most disciplined people where dieting is concerned will in most cases succumb to emotional eating. All too often, we turn to food for comfort and relief when confronted by different challenges in our everyday lives. While this happens, we often reach out to some comfort food and this will most likely be a calories packed and unhealthy snack.

The first step towards getting a solution where emotional eating is concerned is to recognize the emotional triggers that result to emotional eating. The next steps involves taking a conscious step to avoid going for comfort food and instead choosing a healthy snack, say a fruit, or engaging in other activities that will take your mind off your current situation.

7. Indulge but do not over do it

Most of us enjoy a treat every now and then and this does not mean that you have to deny yourself these treats when you are on a diet. It is true that when you ban a certain treat you will be more tempted to take that treat and in a moment of weakness, you will most likely overindulge greatly curtailing your progress. If you want to be successful in losing and maintain a healthy weight, you have to learn to enjoy the food you love but do so without going overboard.

Schedule days and times when you can enjoy your treat in moderation. This will ensure that you are able to keep cravings that may lead you to temptations at bay and control how much of the treat enjoy every time.

8. Get enough sleep

Two main hormones Ghrelin and Leptin are responsible for appetite stimulation and sending signals to the brains when you have had enough to eat. These hormones are however affected by lack of sleep and this has been shown to have a direct link on overeating and weight gain.

To ensure that you get enough sleep, aim for about 8 hour of sleep or so. This allows adequate time for your body to rest and rejuvenate and for all body processes to function as required.

9. Have a support system

Nothing beats having a proper support system especially when we encounter various challenges that we encounter on a day to day basis. Have people who will encourage you to stick to your diet and encourage you to lose weight. This will help you keep going even when the going gets tough and you feel like giving up and getting off your dieting and weigh loss regime.

10. Aim for long term healthy lifestyle changes

The key to success when it comes to weight loss is in making long term lifestyle changes. Dieting is important in helping you lose weight by taking fewer calories for a given period of time. You however have to make some changes and do away with some of the habits that have contributed to weight gain in the first step. Some of these habits have been discussed above and some others you may have to find out on your own.

As a guide try to go for health foods that are packed with nutrients but have low calories. Such foods include fruits and vegetables that are readily available and are pretty affordable too. You also have to limit your carbohydrates and fats that are high in calories and are required in small amounts. Finally you have to make exercise a part of your lifestyle and choose several activities that you can engage for 30 minutes or so, 3-4 days of the week.

Making these changes will help you achieve the weight you desire and ensure that you do not gain any of the weight loss through proper dieting and other effective weight loss programs.