The truth revealed about garcinia cambogia.

There are a lot of ingredients and supplements out in the market that claims to reduce body fat percentage. The fact that there are so many products to choose from makes selecting the right product all the more difficult. While there are some products that effectively aid in fat loss, others are just gimmicks that has little or no effect. One of the most talked fat loss ingredient is garcinia cambogia. Some experts believe the ingredient to be highly effective while there are some who doubt its effectiveness and safety. These conflicting theories add on to the confusion. To help reveal the truth, let’s explore all the garcinia cambogia warnings and effectiveness.


What is Garcinia Cambogia?


Garcinia gummi gutta is a plant, which produces small pumpkin-like fruits. These fruits are commonly used in Asian homes to cook several regional dishes. The skin of these fruits contains high concentration of HCA or hydroxycitric acid, which is known for its fat loss properties. HCA obtained from garcinia fruit’s skin is the key ingredient that goes into making a garcinia cambogia fat loss supplement.


Is It Effective In Reducing Body Fat?


This is where the controversy lies. Now there were several studies conducted in order prove its effectiveness but the results are inconsistent. Initial studies were conducted on rats and it proved the ingredient effectively inhibits fat production. However, when it came to human trials the results were inconclusive. One of the studies conducted on a group of people by splitting them into two groups. One of the groups were given three doses of Garcinia cambogia while the other received placebos instead. Both groups were put on a restrictive high fiber low calorie diet. After 12 weeks, the group that were on the placebo pills managed to lose more weight than the people who were on Garcinia cambogia. To sum it up the effectiveness of garcinia cambogia as a fat loss ingredient is poor and inconsistent. It may be effective in reducing weight in some cases but overall it’s an unreliable ingredient that may or may not work.


Is It Safe?


As far as the safety is concerned garcinia cambogia extract is complete safe to consume. As mentioned before the fruit itself is used in traditional Asian cooking. Apart from a few scattered reports of minor stomach problems and digestive issues, the product is safe to have and has no known side effects. Although studies indicate towards its ineffectiveness, it can however be considered to be a safe supplement and consumed without the fear of side effect in order to test its effects first hand.


Final Verdict:

To sum it up garcinia cambogia is a supplement that is unreliable, which may or may not lead to effective fat loss. It did however work in some isolated occasions and can be consumed as a short time experiment. Having said that, there are plenty of other fat loss products in the market. When on limited budget and a time-frame, it’s best to go for other more effective supplements to speed up the fat loss process.

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